Five Stars

Posted by Nicholas

Attorneys that put there hearts and minds into he well being of their clients and associated parties. You will not find a better quality resource for representation in Massachusetts. Shout out to Kathleen Ryder for being a stand up person and unquestionably the best in the field.

Thank you

Posted by Lou Giovanetti

Kathy, I have said it a thousand times and I am sure you’ve heard it millions of times, thank you. I can not say enough great things about you and your team. You have made my life brighter, I am forever in your debt. When I feel down about what I am going through, you give me hope and follow through. I could not be a luckier person. This will be over soon and we can look back and say “case closed” Thank you!

Five Stars

Posted by John

We had an excellent experience with Atty Ryder. She was a court appointed mediator and the issue was resolved with her help.

Professional and helpful

Posted by Nancy

Jordan is someone you want by your side during difficult times in your life and overwhelming court appearances….Jordan was always available when I called with questions or concerns, beyond prepared for every court date, guided me in the best possible way when decisions had to be made…besides being professional, Jordan also showed great compassion and understanding during this stressful time…he always took the time to listen so we could make the right decisions

Happy client

Posted by Nicole

I’ve worked with Jordan for years On and off. I have always had a positive experience with him and the office. He has always been their to answer my questions and guide me through the process. I also found he charged very fairly.

Valued Resource and Advocate

Posted by T

I have had the pleasure of working with Attorney Phelps for the last 5 years. He has been both a strong advocate and a beacon of hope in a very difficult process helping me navigate the legal system.

Excellent Conciliation attorney

Posted by anonymous

Att Ryder handled conciliation for our family law / child support case. She was very knowledgeable, professional and supportive to all parties. Thanks to her, the case is resolved and saved us from going to trial…Highly recommend!

Highly Recommend

Posted by Jessica

Excellent overall experience. Mrs. Ryder was extremely knowledgeable and every response was prompt. She made the whole legal process as easy as possible. I highly recommend her.

Real deal when it comes to child advocacy and advocating for her client

Posted by anonymous

A tremendous child advocate!!! It was obvious that she commands a lot of respect in the legal community and that she is very honest and sincere. She was very attentive to my needs and a real inspiration to me as a lawyer!

Great lawyer

Posted by Desiree

Was there for me during one of the hardest times of my life was fantastic did not take money for sake of makati if he thought I should not go to court for something he say it and say it was a waste of money always got back to me explain things sent many family and friends to him they all felt the same I would or could never use anyone for court but him great laywer and he makes you feel like a good friend or even family
Thank you Desiree

Valued Resource and Advocate

Posted by T

I have had the pleasure of working with Attorney Phelps for the last 5 years. He has been both a strong advocate and a beacon of hope in a very difficult process helping me navigate the legal system.


Posted by Moira

I am so appreciate and grateful for Attorney Jordan Phelps in helping me with my recent divorce. From the first day I had met attorney Phelps he made sure that I didn’t feel alone , always greeting the situation in an ethical professional and most attentive manner. Attorney Phelps had made sure that every legal need , question or concern was met with compassion and understanding . My divorce as most divorces was an emotional ordeal and he was able to be most understanding and supportive of that portion of the divorce. Attorney Phelps was always professional and ethical in every situation. When I had to tend to my children and other responsibilities during the process being unable to be there he continued to communicate with me through emails, phone and letters when needed. The staff in the office was most outstanding and prompt in providing immediate results. Attorney Phelps has gone above and beyond what any attorney would normally do for a clientI, I am eternally grateful. If you are looking for a highly intelligent , assertive and aggressive when needed professional , ethical ,caring , thoughtful and thorough attorney and a wonderful advocate who is a great divorce attorney representing you and your needs , then I would highly recommend hiring Attorney Jordan Phelps


Posted by Nancy

I had a great experience with Jordan. He helped me and guided me through a very uncertain time in my life. He was very reachable and attentive. He was very quick to return my phone calls and emails. Very professional.

Jordan Phelps

Posted by Louanne

Working with Jordan was absolutely amazing! He walked me step-by-step through the divorce process, was always available whenever I needed him. His thoroughness was incredible and he was able to answer any and all questions. He made the divorce process much easier than I thought it would be. I HIGHLY recommend Jordan to anyone in need of legal representation!

Absolutely Amazing

Posted by anonymous

I was given Jordan Phelps name and number by a close friend who had used him numerous times in the past and gave me such positive reviews that it was a no brainer who I would consult with. From day one Jordan has been so helpful. He has provided legal advice and guidance during a few difficult situations. I found him to be honest, attentive, fair and very knowledgeable in family law. I recommend him to anybody in need!!

Knowledgeable, Committed and Compassionate!

Posted by Steven

Jordan was terrific from beginning to end. He was thorough in every aspect of the case, paying attention to every detail. Very responsive to my calls and emails. Great communication. What separates Jordan from every other lawyer I spoke with and have hired previously is his genuine care and concern for the effects of the divorce on me and my children. A truly great lawyer. He has earned my highest recommendation!!!


Posted by anonymous

I can’t say enough great things about Jordan. I truly believe his calm nature and overall efficiency shortened what could have been a very long & drawn out divorce process. I’m very thankful I was able to hire Jordan as my attorney.

Posted by Kellie

When I got divorced, I was traumatized and incredibly stressed out. Jordan was easily accessible, supportive, kind, and effective during the entire proceedings. I never worried about a thing and I felt safe and protected with Jordan. He was informative and knowledgeable and addressed every question I had. I have recommended him to fellow colleagues and I would hire him again if I needed legal counsel. I have no complaints whatsoever and I am grateful I had his assistance during one of the worst times in my life.

Powers divorce

Posted by Yelena

Well done work, very reasonable prices, accountable, professional. Was very emotional divorce and was handled well in the best interest of my children, thank you Jordan.

Better than I thought!

Posted by Helene

Right from the beginning, Mr Phelps directed me to the court to file. He was clear about the documents I was required to submit. He knew how to put me at ease and I gained confidence in this difficult divorce process. It only took a few months to get over with it. Now, looking at it a year and a half later, I can appreciate his diligence and I realize he was eager to get me moving forward in my life. Thank you again!

Excellent Lawyer !!

Posted by David

I met jordan at the probate court of Cambridge MA .. and we talked about my case and he definitely embraced the cause, I am very grateful what he did to me and my family (my children) very honest and very clear with his tasks or necessary information about the case .. if i stay here writing for so grateful to jordan’s work i would write a book so grateful for what he’s have been done in my case and especially for trust. I recommend 100% the work of jordan an excellent lawyer

Highly Recommend

Posted by Samantha

Attorney Jordan Phelps recently represented on my behalf throughout a tumultuous custody case. He is extremely professional, diligent, and efficient with his work. Aside from professionalism, Jordan took the time to learn about myself and the background of my case. In doing so, Jordan helped ease many of the anxieties I had towards the situation. He worked diligently to help the case be brought to resolution. He also helped avoid a financially burdening trial. I would highly recommend Jordan Phelps and his partner Kathy Ryder out of Ryder&Phelps, P.C
I am very appreciative of their team as a whole. High recommendation!

Wonderful experience

Posted by Sabine

Jordan is a wonderful attorney that will listen to all your needs and will put your interest first. He is very easy to talk to and understanding. I enjoyed my time working with him and was very happy with the outcome. I highly recommend him.

Great lawyer

Posted by Wendi

He was always very professional but also personable, everyone in the court system seemed to respect him. I have been a client of his for a few years and if taken back to court I would call him.


Posted by Marie

Jordan has been an answer to our prayers! No one ever wants to find them selfs seeking a lawyer or standing in a court room. However if your seeking a lawyer to assist you with Custody, Jordan is the layer for the job! Jordan is extremely knowledgeable, a expert in his field. He makes a strong presence in the court room. Out of the court room he remains professional and friendly, he allows you to express all your thoughts and concerns without Judgement. There are no dumb questions. Although I am sure I asked many. There is not a question he won’t answer. He will respond to all questions, texts, emails and phone calls timely and with a professional answer and even kind words. Jordan is honest, realistic and easy to talk to. Jordan will fight for his clients rights, he truly has been a answered prayer. I am so very Thankful For his guidance and skills.
Thank You Jordan!


Posted by Sharon

Jordan is an incredible lawyer. He takes the time to explain everything that is going on and calms me down when I second guess myself (which is often). Jordan always makes himself available to me. He is wonderful in court. I will never choose anyone but him to represent me and my daughter. I have been sued many times by my ex and Jordan handles it without hesitation.

Professional and well spoken in court

Posted by anonymous

I’ve known Jordan now for a bit over 2yrs–he’s helped me w/post divorce issues regarding financials furthermore he’s professional in demeanor; verbal skills are succinct under pressure in court. He’s helped to advocate on my behalf with my feedback in what my goal was; he also has the advantage of consulting w/ principal
attorney that owns her own practice.